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Common sense of maintenance of radiation protection lead door

Anti-Radiation lead door also needs to be checked on time like our human body, which is maintenance. If maintenance is carried out without punctuality, the service life of radiation protection lead door is relatively short, so special attention should be paid to this point. Generally, it can be maintained on time once a year, so the use of extended radiation protection lead door is still relatively reliable. For more information, see the following introduction.
Radiation Protection lead door can be used to manufacture radiation protection glass, optical glass, electro vacuum glass, low temperature sealing glass, low melting glass, delay wire glass, high refractive bead glass and art container glass. However, if we want to make the radiation protection lead door consistently adhere to good application results, it is the first priority for its punctuality maintenance. Next, let's introduce the common sense of maintenance of radiation protection lead door. Prevent the use of wet wood materials to make window frames during equipment, and damage the glass because of its shortening.
Anti-Radiation lead door the appearance should not be rubbed with hard or rough things to avoid scars. The application and storage environment of anti-radiation lead door should be ventilated and dry, and the humidity should not be too high at room temperature. And because it is rich in abundant lead and barium, the radiation protection lead door is easily polluted by acid and alkali, and it is not easy to store the equipment or the appearance of radiation protection acidic gas in a lead door or humid environment. Due to improper maintenance, fine mildew spots occur, which can be wiped off with anhydrous alcohol cotton wool roll.