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Lead wrapping maintenance methods of protective clothing

1. Ray protective clothing heavy. Before operation, check whether the size of the protective clothing is suitable, whether the inner and outer surfaces are damaged, and whether the connection of accessory parts is firm, check whether the lead attenuation equivalent on the label conforms to the current environment.
2. During operation, lead Wrapping protective clothing is worn together with disposable sterile clothing to avoid direct contact of blood with protective clothing, so as to avoid fork infection or burden during operation.
3. It is forbidden to put the protective clothing into the washing machine and wash it with ordinary detergent. It is forbidden to contact with chemicals such as acid and alkali, so as not to shorten its service life and cause inconvenience in use.
4. Perform regular performance tests and replace them in time to avoid potential safety hazards.
5. After the operation, lead Wrapping protective clothing should be laid flat or hung with hangers. Avoid direct sunlight and keep away from heat sources during storage. It is recommended to put it in a well-ventilated room. It cannot be folded, so as to avoid rupture caused by long-term folding, and regularly send it to the manufacturer for maintenance according to the situation, or use professional detergent for cleaning.