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What is the reason why the security curtain cannot be lifted?

In Subway, railway station and airport, luggage must pass the security check before they can enter the station. However, there are often people who can't wait to lift the door curtain of the security inspection instrument and pull the bag out because they are in a hurry. This small action is likely to expose itself to radiation.
Security detector mainly checks whether there are contraband in people's articles through the principle of X-ray see-through, but usually the radiation dose it produces is not large. Security detector is usually equipped with two layers of lead curtains at both ends, which is a protective equipment to prevent X-ray leakage. Opening the lead curtain is equivalent to weakening the protective layer, and it is easy to expose yourself to radiation. Although the radiation dose is relatively small, in case of emergency, we recommend that you stay as far away from the lead curtain as possible and keep half a meter away from the lead curtain, and then take the bag after the lead curtain is completely closed. Don't damage your health by saving a few seconds.