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Precautions for using lead wrapping

Lead wrapping is a special kind of clothing. Lead wrapping the radiation can be shielded to reduce the injury of patients during physical examination to a very low level. The state requires that non-inspection area, especially gonads and thyroid gland, should be shielded and protected during radiation examination. However, you must pay attention to the following items when using:
1. Use or store to avoid contact with sharp objects, and lay flat and cannot be folded and pressed into a dead fold to prevent thread leakage.
2. Do not be directly exposed to sunlight, avoid light, avoid heat, and avoid contact with chemicals acid and alkali.
3. Store in a warehouse with ventilation and no corrosive gas and temperature not exceeding 80℃.
4. Because lead wrapping is different from other clothes, lead wrapping cannot be washed when it is dirty. If medical lead wrapping is contaminated with dirt, it can be wiped with soft cloth with alcohol or neutral detergent. If it is contaminated by blood and body fluids of infectious people, it can be sterilized with ethylene oxide gas if necessary, and it cannot be sterilized with high temperature and high pressure.
In addition to the precautions for using lead wrapping above, it is also necessary to know that the service life of lead wrapping products is 4-5 years, which exceeds the service life or the use frequency is too high. You can preliminarily check the protective effect of protective clothing yourself. If there is a professional dose detector, the dose detector can be used to detect the degree of radiation attenuation, so as to judge whether the protective product needs to be replaced.