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Installation and application of medical lead door

Anti-Radiation lead door is a common safe installation of anti-radiation. It is often used in the safety protection at the gate of high-radiation application, nuclear power generation main room, radiation source library, etc. However, the radiation protection lead door of different brands and consumer manufacturers are different at the manufacturing level.
The surface of the door page is made of stainless steel wire drawing board decorative design, which is self-adhesive in the middle to improve the practical effect of decorative design. The safety protection layer is made of cold-rolled high-purity lead plate, which is generally self-adhesive; Radiation-proof lead door is equipped with door machine chain joining, work light, signboard is equipped with controller, infrared induction antiskid equipment and hydraulic control system.
Anti-Radiation lead Door motor is variable frequency motor electric bumper bar choose electric, manual and remote control three-in-one interlocking equipment, magnetic induction equipment can adhere to the door frame manual power switch function, remote control switch function, if the power is cut off, then dial the phone. The door is fully closed, which is reasonable and has anti-theft effect.