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Precautions for punching lead glass

Lead glass can be punched, but it is not close to the edge. If lead glass is punched, it can get the ideal size. It is particularly important to do it according to the drawings. In shielding window of lead glass material, 2-4 lead equivalent are mostly used, and the observation window of DR room in CT room of General Hospital is used, which is conventional, other lead equivalents can be customized.
The lead equivalent of lead glass shielding window is 0.22 per millimeter, and the density of lead glass shielding window is 4.2g/cm3. due to the different lead equivalent of lead glass shielding window, it is mainly divided into ZF2, ZF3, ZF6, ZF7 four series, now generally use ZF2 series lead glass shielding window.
And ZF7 series of high lead glass content lead gauge height, the same thickness protection gauge height and the weight is also large. It is mainly used in nuclear industry, nuclear power plant, nuclear medicine and so on to prevent radiation. At the same time, it is used with radiation protection peep window. The thicker the glass, the higher the lead equivalent of lead glass shielding window, and the stronger the protection capability.
The lead equivalent and thickness of lead glass shielding window can be converted. Radiation-proof lead glass is made of advanced production technology and optical inspection methods, and the material is made of optical glass with high lead content. The inner material is clean, transparent and has the characteristics of large amount of lead. It has strong anti-radiation ability. It can effectively block X-ray, Y-Ray, cobalt 60-Ray and isotope scanning, etc, widely applicable to hospital compartment see-through room peep window, is a good product to ensure the health of medical workers.