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How to identify radiation protective clothing

Radiation protective clothing can shield electromagnetic radiation in daily life well, and the comfort of the fabric is more skin-friendly than radiation-proof lead wrapping, people can wear radiation protective clothing to shield electromagnetic radiation hazards in daily life. The following editor will briefly introduce how to identify radiation protective clothing.
1. Specification and size inspection: use measuring tools with scale precision to lmm for inspection.
2. Appearance quality inspection: observe by visual method under the condition of normal natural light or 200lx light source.
3. Hardness test: Lead rubber shall be conducted according to GB531. Lead plastic shall be carried out according to gb2411.
4. Lead equivalent test: the standard lead sheet substitution method is adopted, and the measurement is carried out by the ionization chamber X-ray exposure tester.
5. Tear strength test: the right angle sample without cutting mouth is adopted, the tensile speed is 500 mm/min ± 50 mm/min, and the lead rubber is carried out according to GB/t529.