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General X-ray protection series

Lead vest

  • Product Name: Lead vest
  • Product category: General X-ray protection series
  • Contact Information: 86-15563846857
  • Company name: Shandong Double Eagle Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
  • Company address:No.599 Tonghai Road,High-Tech Industrial Park,Longkou,Shandong Province, China
Product Details

Storage requirements of X-ray protective clothing:
a. Indoor pH: pH value is 6 to 7.5, it is strictly forbidden to contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals.
b. Heat source: keep away from direct sunlight, such as heating.
c. Indoor temperature range: 5-28 ℃.
d. Indoor humidity range: 40% - 60%. Height above the ground: more than 150 mm above the ground
Cleaning requirements for X-ray protective clothing:
a. After use, gently wipe off the stains on the surface of clothes with warm water and neutral detergent.
b. It is strictly forbidden to use detergents containing alcohol, bleach and strong acid and alkali to clean protective clothing. Please check and test the composition of cleaning fluid before cleaning to avoid damaging the internal materials of protective clothing.
c. Do not machine wash or dry clean protective clothing.
d. Ozone and ultraviolet disinfection are not recommended.