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General X-ray protection series


  • Product Name: LEAD SKIRT
  • Product category: General X-ray protection series
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Product Details

       Protective clothing should be inspected once or twice a year, mainly to check the integrity of the inner material of the protective clothing, check whether there is fracture and leakage of the inner material, if there is a problem, it must be scrapped.
Effective service life of X-ray protective clothing:
A. Protective clothing is personal protective equipment, which is selected according to the size of the individual. It must be used exclusively by the individual and shall not be mixed with others.Using protective clothing with others may cause the lead layer of protective clothing to break from the shoulder, fall off to the bottom, or damage to the adhesive buckle of the shoulder.
B. Protective clothing is a wear and tear product with a service life and is not a permanent product.Wear of protective clothing includes both natural and man-made wear.The natural aging and wrong use of protective clothing affect the effective life of protective clothing.Natural loss includes: temperature, humidity, pH and other natural factors of the outer layer and inner material loss.Human wear and tear includes contamination and damage to protective clothing caused by human extrusion, pulling, creases, and body fluids such as blood.
C. The effective life of protective clothing is closely related to the frequency of use.The higher the frequency of use, the faster the wear and tear of protective clothing. High frequency and wrong use method can accelerate the aging of protective clothing and shorten the effective life of protective clothing.
D. Proper use and maintenance can extend the effective service life of protective clothing, which is beneficial to the health of the user.
       Keep in mind that protective clothing is not a permanent product, and its effective life is closely related to the above factors.For the sake of your health, please check the integrity of the inner material of the protective clothing regularly and replace the defective protective clothing in time.