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Lead Curtains for Safety inspection machine

Protective curtain of ph06 security inspection machine

  • Product Name: Protective curtain of ph06 security inspection machine
  • Product category: Lead Curtains for Safety inspection machine
  • Contact Information: 86-15563846857
  • Company name: Shandong Double Eagle Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
  • Company address:No.599 Tonghai Road,High-Tech Industrial Park,Longkou,Shandong Province, China
Product Details

       Shandong Shuangying production of lead glue clip line security inspection equipment protective curtain, product performance is stable, lead equivalent 0.1-0.5 MMPB, suitable for all kinds of security inspection equipment supporting use.
1、 Scope of application
       The safety curtain is mainly used for radiation protection and shielding protection.
2、 Performance
       The lead equivalent of the safety curtain is not less than 0.50 MMPB.
3、 Instructions for use
       According to the location of the equipment, the safety curtain is installed, and the operator can move the floor protection screen up, down, left, right, front and back according to the work needs.
4、 Maintenance methods
       Do not contact with hard objects to avoid scratches and reduce transparency. Try not to touch with hands. If there are dirt or fingerprints, wipe them with cotton ball and a little absolute alcohol.
5、 Precautions
1. When moving the security screen, the force should be moderate to avoid excessive force and damage to the screen.
2. The safety curtain should not be collided to avoid line leakage.