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General X-ray protection series

Lead apron

  • Product Name: Lead apron
  • Product category: General X-ray protection series
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Product Details

       X-rays will cause the destruction of human cells due to ionization. A large dose of short-term irradiation will cause damage to human body. Local large dose irradiation will burn skin and other tissues.Long-term exposure to small doses will make people's mental decay, memory decline, dizziness, hair loss, blood changes and other conditions, serious radiation disease.
       Generally speaking, the X ray that non professional personnel contacts is less, should not let X ray direct irradiation only, won't have what problem, but for the personnel that is engaged in radiating work for a long time, undertake X ray protection is very necessary.The usual means of protection is to wear protective clothing and use X-ray protection equipment.
X-ray protective clothing is a kind of increase the distance between the human body and the X-ray source for distance protection, is the most simple protective measure.
       Our company specializes in the production of X-ray protective clothing and various X-ray protective equipment, suitable for medical radiation protection, chemical industry radiation protection, oil industry radiation protection, industrial radiation protection, military industry, heavy industry, education and many other industries.