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What are the differences between domestic lead wrapping and original imported lead wrapping

There are a variety of types in lead wrapping. Many people find that there are two categories: domestic lead wrapping and original imported lead wrapping when purchasing. So what is the difference between the two? Let's introduce it to you.
1. In terms of material, the original imported lead wrapping adopts nano-technology ultra-fine powder, and the four layers of mixed heavy metal powder are distributed, such as German MI and American INFAB. Most domestic lead wrapping use lead particle rubber.
2. In terms of weight, imported lead wrapping is made of materials and the technology is more advanced, so the weight is mostly relatively light, with an average weight of about 4.5-5 kilograms. Domestic lead wrapping weighs heavier, most of which are over 6-7 kilograms.
3. Effective service life, original imported lead wrapping due to advanced materials, under the condition of normal use and good maintenance, the effective service life of German protective lead wrapping can reach 4-5 years; Under the same conditions, domestic lead wrapping universal life span is 2-3 years.
In addition, the editor suggested that intervention doctors should choose imported lead wrapping when purchasing, because compared with domestic lead wrapping, it is much lighter in weight, so it can reduce doctors' sense of weight as much as possible; compared with domestic lead wrapping, there is a big gap in softness. Imported materials lead wrapping or original imported lead wrapping make doctors feel comfortable while reducing weight.