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What can Original imported medical lead wrapping Prevent for surgical wear

Imported Medical lead wrapping is a special kind of clothing, and lead wrapping is an indispensable radiation protection tool for hospitals, chemical industry, national defense, etc. So what can be prevented by surgical wear of imported medical lead wrapping?
First of all, the cardiac intervention equipment needed for heart surgery will emit X-rays, causing harm to human body. Medical staff in the surgery room can wear lead wrapping to prevent radiation.
In addition, lead wrapping can reduce the harm of patients during physical examination by shielding rays. The state requires that non-inspection area, especially gonads and thyroid gland, should be shielded and protected when conducting radiation examination.
In addition, during the examination, radiation protection walls, radiation protection doors and windows and lead wrapping can play a very good role in protection. For patients, a set of lead scarf, apron and hat are needed to protect themselves, play a role of lead wrapping to reduce the damage of rays to yourself.
X-ray penetrating human body will produce certain biological effects. If the amount of X-ray exposed exceeds the allowable exposure, radiation reaction may occur and even radiation damage to a certain extent may occur. However, if the X-ray exposure is within the allowable range, the influence is generally small. People don't have to refuse the necessary X-ray and CT examination because of radiation, let alone dare not even enter the radiology department area of the hospital. The principles of shielding and distance protection can be adopted. Shielding protection refers to the use of substances with high atomic number, commonly used as a barrier to absorb unnecessary X-ray. Distance protection refers to the principle that X-ray exposure is inversely proportional to the distance square, and the exposure is reduced by increasing the distance between x-ray source and human body.
The X-ray from the X-ray tube to the human body has two types: the original emission line and the secondary ray. The secondary ray occurs when the primary ray penetrates other substances, and its energy is smaller than that of the primary Ray, it has a great impact. X-ray tube shell, light shield and aperture, filter plate, lead glass behind screen, lead screen, lead rubber apron, lead gloves and Wall are usually used for shielding protection. Increasing the distance between human body and X-ray source for distance protection is a simple protective measure. Necessary protective measures should be formulated in accordance with the regulations, the operation of X-ray examination should be carried out correctly, the health care regulations should be carefully implemented, and the dose accepted by radiation workers should be monitored regularly. Wear lead apron, lead scarf, lead cap, lead eyes, lead gloves, lead mask and gonad protection when working in X-ray environment, and strengthen self-protection by using the principle of distance protection.