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What is the difference between medical lead wrapping and radiation-proof clothes

Radiation has always been a topic that people talk about color change, so many people will seek some radiation protection methods in our life. Radiation protection is also called radiation protection. At present, radiation protection referred to by the scientific community is an applied discipline that studies and protects human beings from or less from radiation hazards, sometimes it is also considered as the measures and methods used to protect human beings from or less exposed to radiation. In order to do a good job of ray protection, Ray protection products such as lead wrapping and lead houses will be adopted in many fields. With the deepening of people's understanding of radiation protection, there are also two kinds of radiation protective clothing in the market, one is medical lead wrapping and the other is radiation-proof clothes. So what is the difference between medical lead wrapping and radiation-proof clothes?
The main material used for medical lead wrapping in material is lead, because the density of lead is relatively large and ordinary rays are difficult to penetrate, so the protective effect of lead wrapping is also relatively good. The main materials of our common radiation-proof clothes are metal fiber and silver fiber, which are also widely used in radiation-proof clothes of the market. In terms of air permeability, because of the relatively high density of lead, it is relatively heavy to wear, and its air permeability is not as good as our common radiation-proof clothes.
In terms of use, lead wrapping is mainly used in the medical industry and places with radioactive substances, while radiation-proof clothes has no restrictions on use. Lead wrapping mainly shields radiation such as X-rays, while radiation-proof clothes mainly shields electromagnetic radiation.