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PH hanging protective screen and curtain products

Retractable curtain

  • Product Name: Retractable curtain
  • Product category: PH hanging protective screen and curtain products
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  • Company name: Shandong Double Eagle Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
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Product Details

1、 Medical X-ray protection series products, hereinafter referred to as protection series products, are made of natural rubber, Huangdan powder by processing and wrapping cloth.
2、 [performance]
Lead equivalent of protection series products: 0.125mmpb0, 175mmpb, 0.25mmpb, 0.35mmpb, 0.5mmpb.
3、 [intended use]
It is suitable for X-ray protection of doctors and patients.
4、 [scope of application]
It is suitable for X-ray protection in medical institutions.
5、 [usage]
Before operation, first check whether the cloth on the inner and outer surface of the protective series products is firm, whether the connection of accessory parts is firm, and whether the lead equivalent on the label meets the required equivalent. After inspection, put the protective series products on the body, head, neck and feet, and then operate.