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PH hanging protective screen and curtain products

PH Hanging protective screen

  • Product Name: PH Hanging protective screen
  • Product category: PH hanging protective screen and curtain products
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  • Company name: Shandong Double Eagle Medical Device Co.,Ltd.
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Product Details

       The hanging protective screen is made of lead rubber and aluminum profile after processing, and the lead equivalent is generally 0.5 MMPB. It is equipped with manual or electric up and down adjustment system. It is suitable for shooting different body such as chest X-ray in positive position, lateral position and cervical vertebra. It can be used with various types of frame. It can effectively avoid the X-ray radiation of patients during shooting.
       When the hanging protective screen is stored, it should be placed in a well ventilated room away from direct sunlight, heat sources and strictly prohibited from contacting with acid, alkali and other chemicals, so as to extend its service life. The service life of X-ray protective equipment is generally 4-5 years. If there are one third of cracks, it must be scrapped and renewed.