since 1978


Development history

       Shandong Double Eagle is the source enterprise of X-ray protection products in China. Its development process is as follows
       Since 1978, the development of X-ray protection products in China has begun.
       In 1980, qh80 X-ray lead protective skirt was developed. China has self-developed X-ray lead glue protection products, reaching the level of Japan in the same period, filling the domestic gap.
       In 1983, X-ray lead glue protective gloves were developed. Formulate enterprise standards for X-ray protection.
       In 1990, the experimental factory of Longkou rubber and Plastic Research Institute was founded.
       In 1994, it was renamed as Longkou medical rubber and plastic instrument factory. Officially registered "Shuangying" trademark.
       In 1996, a new type of soft and ultra-thin roll protective lead rubber was successfully developed. The protection hidden trouble caused by small rubber splicing is effectively improved. Started to produce the main product - X-ray lead protective skirt.
       In 2001, it passed ISO9001 and 13485 quality management system certification. Ranked in the top 100 medical certification enterprises in Shandong Province and the top 200 in China.
       From 2003 to 2008, new products have been developed, such as safety inspection curtain, rehabilitation care products, etc.
       In 2010, a new plant area of 20000 square meters was built in the high tech Industrial Park of Longkou high tech Zone.
       In 2013, the company changed its name to "Shandong Shuangying medical device Co., Ltd.".